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                                               Projects (selection)


Strategic projects:


  • Enterprise-wide standardization and optimization of sales processes within the framework of a planned SAP introduction (2017)
  • Assessment of the pricing strategy and implementation of pricing instruments to strengthen the competitive position (2016)
  • Centralization of business units within the framework of a business transformation in the insurance sector (2016)
  • Restructuring of a department to organize store processes in the food sector (2014/2015)
  • Analysis and development of an improvement plan for interfaces between european business units in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (2014)  
  • Development and implementation of a strategy for the future positioning in the furniture sector (2013) 
  • Development and implementation of a cross-Channel Retail - Online strategy in Germany (2012/2013)
  • Adjustment of marketing organizations in the cross-channel needs through the development of new departmental structures, improvement of functional interfaces and processes (2012)
  • Introduction of new processes to support additional functionalities WEB (2012)
  • Introduction of a Process Excellence Program in Europe (2010-2013)
  • Development of Future Store Concept (2009)
  • Development of a continuous improvement culture within the company (2012)
  • Developing a customer segmentation (2009)
  • Development of a multi-channel pricing strategy (2012)
  • Development of a company's value proposition (2011 - 2012)


Operational projects:


  • Company wide optimization of end - to - end processes in the areas of sales - marketing - logistics (2016)
  • Introduce Lean Tools and build an internal Continuous Improvement Organization in a Central Distribution Center (2015)
  • Implementation of IT-supported communication between the assortment management and the branches (2015)
  • Optimizing procedures for ordering cost items (2014/2015)
  • Analysis and optimization of branch processes in the food sector (2014/2015
  • Restructuring of a department in the give away sector (2013)
  • Outsourcing parts of the production for give away articles (2013)
  • Consolidation of multiple call centers and building of a multi-channel customer service center structure (2012/2013)
  • Online Business Restructuring Germany (2012/2013)
  • Consolidation of several human resources departments in the Netherlands (2012)
  • Preparing a Company Credit Card Introduction for Europe (2012)
  • Multichannel Integration Project Austria for the B2B business (2010)
  • KAIZEN Copy Center process improvement (2009)
  • KAIZEN logistics processes improvement (2010)
  • KAIZEN warehouse layout optimization (2011)
  • Merchandise: improving processes for creating supplement (2009)
  • Customer Service: reducing the number of manual orders (2010)
  • Finance: Improving outsourcing Results (2011)
  • Supply Chain: inventory reduction in the branches and in the warehouse (2009)
  • Retail Operations: development and introducing of a workforce model (2010)
  • Merchandise: assortment optimization to reduce the product range (2008)
  • Merchandise: implementation of initiatives to increase the share of own brands (2008)
  • Merchandise: increase product harmonization between retail and online business (2009)
  • Merchandise: introduction of offering external services for the retail sector (warranty extension, installation service) (2009)
  • Retail Operations: introduction of an online ordering system in the stores (2007)


Training / Workshops:


  • Facilitiation of Finance Manager workshops for the Co-Create GmbH Hamburg (2013/2014/2015/2016/2017) 
  • Training "Development of plans" as part of the European New Manager program (2011/2012)
  • Lean Six Sigma management workshops including simulation models in Germany, Norway, UK, Italy, the Netherlands (2009 - 2012)
  • Lean Six Sigma workshop at the HSBA HAMBURG SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (2010)
  • Black Belt mentoring (2010 - 2013), Green Belt Coaching (2011 - 2013)
  • Workshops for project selection in Germany, Italy, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, France (2009 - 2013)
  • Organizational analysis of administrative services for the furniture sector (2010)
  • IT workshop for the development of the implementation of a virtual European Union - Organization (2011)
  • Mentor in the program "Partners in leaderchip" of the Bildungswerk der Wirtschaft Hamburg e. V. (2011)
  • Mentor in the European Mentoring Program "Women leaders development " (2011/2012)
  • Development of KPI reporting for supplier performance (2010)
  • Development of a Real Estate Expansion Strategy (2010)